Friday, November 30, 2012

friday finally

happy friday everyone! this week can't be done quickly enough for me! i totally forgot about the petite fashion challenge KTR hosted, here. check out the fascinator fashions these bloggers have posted! there are some types of movies that short of losing a bet with me, my husband will not watch. on evenings when he works, i take advantage of that to watch them. the most recent movie was "snow white and the huntsman". i'm behind. i know. at this rate, it will be 2014 by the time i get to see "skyfall". i had very low expectations, but i have to say this: holy shades of princess mononoke and neverending story, batman! ok. done. shakes it off.

i was not overwhelmed by a certain ms. stewart. watching this after her scandal, also coloured the movie. charlize theron, however was spectacularly stunning and her costumes were nothing short of amazing - the fashion/couture gone wild in the movie made up for the shortcomings as i could not wait to see the next scene so we could be regaled with the next outfit she would be decked in. maybe she chewed up scenery with wild abandon, but in all of those sumptuous gowns, i barely noticed the overdone bananacrackers queen's descent into madness.

outfit - blouse: diane von furstenberg, old; pants: gap slim crop pants, here; booties: adrienne vittadini, old

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


these past few months have been such a whirlwind at work, with one thing piling on after another. my best friends I and K are also feeling sympathetic work avalanche with me in their respective jobs. we lean on each other as we go through these phases. my sister and husband round out this support network both physical and emotional. no person can really do it without such a network.

one of my dear friends suggested i take some time off after this project is done, and do absolutely nothing for a bit. i think he literally said i should sit in my PJs for a good few days doing sweet bugger all. this is pretty novel to me, as a classic type-A. but truth be told, after pulling more 14 hour days than i care to count, it sounds pretty attractive right now. maybe i can get all my christmas things organized and the house decorated earlier than usual. ooohh and do some baking! my brain won't know what hit it!

outfit - tshirt: zara, old, find here; shirt: perfect shirt in tartan, j crew, here; jeans: sexy boryfriend jeans, gap, here; shoes: manolo blahnik bb, here; necklace: aldo, here; cuff: t + j designs, here
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Monday, November 26, 2012

pinstripes and some sales

as the cyber monday, november markdown sales emails are chipping away at my resolve to behave, i thought it would be a good idea to start a series of posts of outfits for different occasions. this post is dedicated to my office-dwelling work outfits and my take on pinstripes. i often find the best time to buy suiting is indeed, during this sale season. with the markdowns for the entire site, as opposed to past season items, this is the best time to strike.

left to right: suited up, here in cafe capri pants, preppy here with the hutton pant, (similar at the gap, here) the pinstripe dress and suit are the super 120s suiting pieces from j. crew, which i find has the most flattering cut for me. the pantsuit is the hutton pant and 1035 blazer, here. i also have the gray j. crew pinstripe suit with the paley pant, and will post another suited up outfit here soon.

left to right: layered, here. the suiting dress is old, but this is similar here.and with peplum, here in gap cropped pants, old but they have a wide legged pant here.

some note-worth sales and codes:

j. crew 25% entire site with code MONDAY
j. crew factory 50% off everything and free shipping with code YOURGIFT
kate spade up to 75% off sale, here
LOFT 50% off everything, here with code TODAYONLY
madewell 25% off and free shipping with code TREAT
club monaco 30% off cashmere with code MONDAY
ann taylor 40% off everything with code MONDAY

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Saturday, November 24, 2012


happy saturday everyone! i hope you all had a great week!! this weekend, my kids and i will also be finalizing their letters to santa, and i will start writing out christmas cards - yes, i'm still old fashioned that way! *do you still send out christmas cards?*

as november transitions to december, i find myself drawn to jewel details. while jeweled clothing is not new, i always find myself drawn to it around this time of year. it is really just a fun way to dress up an outfit and go from day to night for office/social holiday parties. i am particularly excited about these two tops  that i got during the last j. crew sale with the extra 30% off sale price. these tops can be layered, which is especially important for me as i trek to these events in colder winter weather. *i am a wuss in the winter*

(j crew jewel-neck top, link here in case it pops back, style #95649 if you want to do a search - sizing: i sized down to a 00 in this top)

(jeweled sweatshirt, link here, style #13793, similar here in j. crew girls - sizing: i sized up to a small in this top)

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Thursday, November 22, 2012


happy thanksgiving to my US friends! i hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by those you love and cherish. while you're at it, can you please have a slice of pumpkin pie for me? as i head to work today, i will take the US thanksgiving to remind myself of what i am thankful for: my family, my friends, and my health. regardless of the occasion, we have so many blessings, it is always important to reflect on them.

the sale season is in full swing now, and my email box is exploding with sale codes and notices. my dress is also on sale, as are about 7 million other pretty things. i'm trying to resist sales goggles, unless the sale is relevant to my christmas shopping. *will you be doing any black friday shopping?*

outfit - dress: diane von furstenberg new jeanne two in links print, on sale at saks here; purse: j. crew edie purse, get it on sale 25% off using code COLOR25 in other colours here; shoes: christian louboutin clichy old; necklace: joe fresh

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


i hope you can join us (hop over to amy's blog 4ever29 to link up) for a what to wear where: thanksgiving edition. while we had our canadian thanksgiving in october, i did not post any outfit pictures, so this is my belated thanksgiving contribution.

now that the weather has me taking pictures indoors, the dogs have gleefully made it their mission to photobomb more and more. expect many cameos on this blog! it is pretty funny how they have these personalities that just pop out at times. on the weekend, we were sleeping and we could just hear the dogs barking. little growls and "ruffs". my husband came downstairs and said that he saw the two of them walking in a circle, one behind the other, literally barking for no good reason, other than they wanted us to get up to play. we giggled at that wanton display of mischief, and happily obliged.

aaand we are done. see ya!

outfit - blouse: zara, old, similar with zebras here; pants: gap slim crop pants, here; shoes: stuart weitzman capsize pumps, similar on sale and in black suede here; necklace: forever 21, here or here (cdn)

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Monday, November 19, 2012

the girly girl vs. the dude part 2

good morning everyone! when it gets cold outside, i start becoming lazy and opting for pants more and more. i get into these cycles and then revert back to skirts after acclimatizing to the cold. when i am into this pants phase, i usually end up playing with the menswear inspired look. i love how kelly works menswear inspired clothing into fun, stylish and feminine looks. phoebe also put a cute tie in her outfit and looked adorable. i have worn this vest before in another guy-inspired outfit, here.

i'm also guest posting on jane squared today, in a "wear it both ways" challenge. hope you can check it out!

what other spins would you put to this kind of look?

outfit - blouse: j. crew blythe blouse, old, similar here; vest: gap: old, similar here; pants: ann taylor, old, similar here; shoes: christian louboutin tortoise patent ron ron; belt: hermes constance belt; necklace: dot-dash statement necklace, here, thanks to a-thread
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

sunday reading

hi everyone! i hope you are having a great weekend! i thought i'd share this feature by the budget fashionista, who profiled "15 petite fashion bloggers with big style". i debated putting this here, because i am on this list (seriously i am beyond stoked and grateful that the budget fashionista included me). 

this is such a great list of bloggers though, with many stylish ladies who inspire me every day - i am honoured to be among them! the one thing i do learn from reading their blogs, however, is that style works if you dress for your figure, regardless of height or weight. i will definitely continue to be inspired by them, and i hope you enjoy them too!!

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Friday, November 16, 2012


this tibi rococo dress took my breath away when i saw it in runway pictures for fall 2011. gorgeous, intricate and regal, my friends I and knew exactly how much i adored this dress. when it popped up on the outnet clearance sale, it was my size and marked down at over 85% off the retail price. i'm so happy that it happened along when i least expected it. there was a bit of drama with my order getting cancelled (i am embarrassed to say i pouted for a bit). but then i was told that they found it!! i really have to commend customer service at the outnet. it has really impressed me. after a few days, it arrived at my doorstep. it will have to get a lot of wear and i will have to come up with reasons to do so! crossing my fingers i have a lot of parties and weddings to go to, or maybe i'll wear it out for my next date night. ha. 

do you make up occasions to wear special outfits?

outfit - dress: tibi, the outnet; shoes: christian louboutin glitter numero prive; bracelets: christina M, here and glamour me jewels, here, hermes; ring: aldo, old

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

followers to friends blog party

i hope you can join us again for another followers to friends blog party. link up below if you'd like to introduce your blog, or check out the wonderful bloggers who are listed. it is always fun to find new blogs to read, and this has been a great way for me to do so.

today is my husband's birthday and on the remote possibility he's checking today's post, happy birthday hubby! i am lucky to have you in my life - you are a wonderful dad, supportive best friend and loving husband. we have an annual tradition where a group of my husband and his friends (who all happen to have a november birthday) meet up for dinner. it is a great time to celebrate, as well as just get together and catch up. we're still trying to link up everyone's schedules but it is always a fun evening out.

(outfit - blouse: alfred sung, old; sweater: french connection, other colourway here; pants: gap, on sale here necklace, tobi, old)

link up here folks - remember to read the instructions below!! xox P

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


there are times where no matter what you wear, it just does not sit or hang right. lately, i've had more of those days than i care to admit. stress and not being able to exercise as much, have contributed to me feeling out of shape. that in turn, affects my excitement to get dressed up for the office. i struggle on those days not to show up wearing a giant sack over yoga pants. it is especially challenging when i have meetings. a suit is a fail-safe outfit. another trick i've learned through the years, is a good print and a ruched dress, perfect for all figures and sizes, otherwise known as a girl's work-appropriate camo. 

do yo have any tricks to share for those hard-to-dress days?  

outfit - dress: diane von furstenberg gabi dress in dash weave black, on sale here and here in solid colours; shoes: christian louboutin burlina, at foot candy here; necklace: forever 21, similar here

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Monday, November 12, 2012

shirting the issue

i hope you all had a restful weekend! today, it is going up to a balmy almost tropical 15C (that's about 60F converted). while i am positive it is not unique to my neck of the woods, it would not be unusual to see people walking around in t-shirts and shorts in this kind of weather, regardless of the fact that it could be november or march - and it is still a bit brisk. however, we are bundled up so much in the winter (i'm talking about you, my trusty down filled parka), if there is a bit of a heat snap, we are going to take advantage of it! 

outfit - dress: tory burch, on sale here; jean jacket: zara, old, similar here; belt: club monaco, old; boots: burberry, old; bracelet: hermes kelly dog

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

review: old navy pop color rockstar cords

good morning everyone! before every winter, i stock up on fleece items for my kids to layer. old navy had great fleece pullovers with 25% off on top of the sale price. with ebates, i got them for less than 10$ each. i may have snuck in a pair of the rockstar cords in navy with that order. with markdowns, they were less than 15$. i love the burgundy ones i have from the gap from last year, but i also wanted a dark navy. get 20% off now online (ONGIFT) if you are from the US. in canada, use (ONTREAT) for 15% off. i am perplexed why the discount is different for respective regions, but at least the 15% will cover sales taxes.

i was pleasantly surprised at the length, which was very petite friendly right out of the box. they will require no hemming, and are just past my ankles. these babies run small, so i sized up based on reviews and went up to a 4. for reference my regular j. crew/gap/banana republic bottoms size is 0. the waist will likely stretch with wear, but it really fits well. i think a 2 would probably be okay but i always fear the dreaded muffin top, and possible shrinking in the wash, so i am pleased i went with the 4. i may get the khaki green ones next.

pop color rockstar cords

ETA: here are some quick pictures of them on, with your friendly neighbourhood photobombers.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

plaid and spikes

tgif!! since i don't have to go into the office this weekend, i have grandiose plans of laundry and dishes. however, my boys and i will tackle another step of the R2D2 lego set that we have been painstakingly working on - 2127 pieces seemed like a good idea at the time. my younger colleagues have asked me how i achieve "work-life balance". i have to say, i don't. realistically, there isn't balance on any given day, but you can try to achieve balance over a period of time. (i am getting more introspective as my birthday approaches, so bear with me). when things slow down at work, i try to enjoy the quiet which is hard to do as a type-A. i have learned through the years though, that this is the time to do as much as i can with my family, sneak in a mani/pedi with my sisters, and catch up with my friends. the busy part is right around the corner again.  

*do you have a consistent go-to piece that you just can't quit?* i wear this shirt so often, if it could speak, it would be begging for mercy (worn herehere and probably in seven million other places). it oddly became one of the most versatile button down shirts that i own. its colours and print are easy to transform. worn alone it doesn't look too much like i have to go outside to do barn-yard related activities or something to that effect. worn under sweaters or sweatshirts, it just has enough going on that you don't have to accessorize too much. during j. crew's last sale, i picked up a tartan perfect shirt (here) which i think will bring a much deserved reprieve to the old one. don't worry, though. you'll always be my first plaid love. 

outfit - blouse: j. crew, old; sweater: zara; jeans: joe fresh; belt: hermes constance belt; shoes: zara, here; bracelet: spike stretch bracelet, asos here

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


i have written before (here) about what i look for in a workhorse dress. i saw this tweed dress some time ago, and waited it out until it was on sale with an extra markdown code. it is still on sale at j. crew with an extra 25% off with code OURTREAT. i'm so glad it was still available by the time the sale came around. this dress is the right cut, the right fabric and the right shape for me and the reason why i favour j. crew so much. their cut is consistent on me. buying a dress isn't rocket science, of course, but i would love to know which brands work best for you!

outfit - dress: j crew sleeveless shift dress in pepper tweed, here, blouse: banana republic, old, similar here (cdn) or here (US); belt: jacob, old; necklace: forever 21, sold out online; shoes: christian louboutin purple patent ron ron, old, similar here; bracelet: hermes baby pavane, old

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