Tuesday, October 30, 2012

what to wear when: halloween

i hope all of you in the NE are staying safe. this storm is really scary to be reading about. amy and melissa's what to wear when for halloween is super fun! i love to dress up my kids for halloween . the sole exception was last year, when my husband volunteered to take them costume shopping. both kids came back proud and beaming with zombie clown costumes. (insert impressed mommy face here) i will confess an irrational fear of clowns thanks to "It" so it was pretty terrifying looking at them in full costume. i had a lovely time negotiating the boys from wearing the ridiculously scary clown masks, and convinced them to let me paint their faces instead. a little less zombie. a little more cute kid costume. 

the extent of my costume this year is literally a penguin costume over my coat and clothes given that the weather has been cold and windy. they're also calling for rain, so there is no glamorous outfit here. however, if it were warmer and i would not need to wear a coat, i would likely wear something like this polyvore set. i need to stay warm so you'll see that i am all about layers, and bundling up!

what to wear: halloween

what to wear: halloween by phiphisblog featuring zara boots

these a-thread barrettes are beyond cute. seriously cute. what are you dressing up as this year? do you dress up?

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Monday, October 29, 2012


leopard. cheetah. animal prints are not for everyone, but if you were to venture into prints, this type of animal print is probably one of the most accessible to start with. it brings an interesting detail to any piece or outfit. to be honest, before i met my best friend, I, i thought leopard was loud and not something i could pull off. i got past that impasse, and now it is easily one of my favourite prints. 

this dress is madewell's songbird dress. it is my regular j. crew size, and the 0 is a perfect fit. no hemming either. there is an extra 25% off sale items and free shipping over 100$ with code YIPPEE, and there are a few patterns out this season (paisley, here, countrystripe, here, and stucco stripes on sale, here) that are so cute, there may be another songbird flying to canada. 

outfit - dress: madewell spotshadow songbird dress, sold out but style #78322; belt: old; necklaces: forever21, braided (here; cdn: here) and rhinestone necklaces (here; cdn: here); shoes: zara, here; watch: michael kors, here

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

j crew polka dot sequin tee and more

i thought earlier this season that j. crew's roll-outs were lacklustre. but hellooooo polka dot sequin tee (here).  tara at mix and match fashion wore it in the cream colourway, but i think the black/ white will easily work with what i already have in my wardrobe.  i received the top yesterday, and it was so well wrapped, i felt like it would be a very delicate and fragile top. i am very happy with it - as delicate as it is with every square inch of this tee sequined, it is a sturdy piece. the j crew stock picture depicts it as black and white, but the dots are more cream. i feel that it fits true to size - even a bit small. it is not very boxy at all. if you want a looser fit, however, i would suggest sizing up from your regular j. crew size. i got my regular XS and it is comfortably fitted. see it also on a jc shopping habit, here. i can't wait to wear it!

the following are now pinned to my pinterest "covet list" but after looking at the sum of them all, i think this can be a pretty nice looking outfit! love how these things work out. sasha suede pump, here.

cafe capri in tiny dots, here

and topping it all off is the lady jacket in corkscrew tweed, here. i have the berry/navy combo of the lady jacket in double serge wool (here) and adore it. i took my regular j. crew size 0 and it is a perfect fit.

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Friday, October 26, 2012


it seems like we were just in flip flops and shorts. so, frost on the lawn means that i now need to buy mittens and gloves. i have no idea why despite our best efforts every season to be organized, we always end up with mismatched pairs. where did the mates go during the spring and summer? they must have escaped to the land of misfit mitts. this outfit, is sans mittens but my coffee kept me warm. i wore it to work on one of our denim days, and left my blouse untucked. i do sometimes like layers that don't always fit "just so". 

sale note: the mezzamezza boots i'm wearing are 40% off at nordstrom, here, in the suede combination. like cate with her 50/50 boots, i love these SW boots so much i feel like i should be buying a backup pair (yes, i know it's ridiculous, but they are that awesome).

outfit - blazer: j. crew elbow patch schoolboy blazer in houndstooth here; blouse: joe fresh, old; jeans: joe's jeans, old, similar here with a 29' inseam; boots stuart weitzman mezzamezza, suede version on sale here

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

lady jacket

i thought it would be a good idea to post pictures for the lady jacket, given that you can score it on j. crew with an extra 30% off (code OURTREAT). the lady jacket in the double serge wool (here) is now marked down (the berry combo which i am wearing is 198 for US/230.99 for canadian buyers minus an extra 30% off). i also got it with the extra 30% off, and am very happy with this purchase. so much for no more blazers! 

now, my blazer weakness aside, this jacket is a gorgeous double serge wool (like the skirts), with a good weight to it. the construction, while not fitted, is also nicely tailored, so it does not come across as being too boxy. the winner here though is the amazing colour. in real life, there is a lot of life and pop to this berry. it can come off as being a bit red in pictures (especially since it was overcast in these pictures). however, it is definitely a brighter pink. see it on feeling j crewzy here, and in the gray/navy combo with m, here. pair it with a statement necklace, and voila! the blazer is my regular j. crew top/blazer size 0.

i also put on a pair of jeans, to show how it can go from dressy to casual very easily.

outfit - blazer: j. crew, on extra sale here with code OURTREAT; tee: joe fresh; skirt: zara, old; jeans: gap here, and on sale for 30% off with code GAPCFEST in canada and GAPFEST in the US. i took my regular j. crew/gap bottoms size 0.; shoes: christian louboutin nude patent simples, available here, or here; necklace: thanks to a-thread, dot dash statement necklace, here

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

have necklace. will travel.

as you know, i travel a fair bit for work and my wardrobe has to be versatile given that i need to dress up for meetings, and then dinners. my mom asked me this past weekend how i pack for those trips and what i bring jewelry-wise. firstly, i don't pack expensive jewelry because of the perils of travel like luggage loss, forgetting things in the hotel room, and yes, worse-case-scenario girl contemplates even theft. secondly, i pack them individually in ziploc bags so they don't get tangled together, or pull on the clothes i've packed. i showed her a few pieces that i recently bought at forever 21. she liked them so much, that i ordered the same ones for her. *what kind of jewelry do you pack when you travel?* 

her favourite was this statement necklace, which i wear with a suit, and can easily transition to evening.

star flower collar necklace, here (canadian site here)

with costume jewellery like F21, i try to look for substantial pieces that don't look or feel cheap, and are versatile as well. i ordered these from F21's canadian e-comm site. there is free shipping for orders over $60 but returns must be made by mail only - so be sure you're ready to commit. accessories like necklaces are final sale in store. i was pleased we could pay via paypal as well. 

i wear the braided (here; cdn: here) and rhinestone necklaces (here; cdn: here) stacked (on instagram here)

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


one of my friends will be having a big birthday. this is a year of milestone birthdays, and i am very much looking forward to it. i am of many mindsets with birthdays - i love celebrating my friends' birthdays, but don't like reciprocal attention. i do love presents though (ha!) so, for her birthday party, i am thinking a tux with a twist, and if it gets warm, i can take the blazer off and still be in something fun. this is a bit edgier than what i would normally wear, but it's been alot of fun to push the envelope a little. i would also envision wearing this for an arts night out (gallery or theatre event) if my life were that cool. (ETA: please check out other outfits at pancakes & beet juice. Lilly is hosting this week's what to wear where - arts night out)

when i went to the US last time, i finally got the j crew etta pumps while i was there. with the price being 50$ less in the US, a lower sales tax, and a 25% off discount, i got a great deal compared to if i had bought them online from canada.

outfit - blazer: zara, old; vest: preen line, old; pants: club monaco, on sale here; shoes: j crew etta leopard heels, here

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Monday, October 22, 2012


hi everyone - i hope you had a great weekend! my girlfriends and i were talking recently about the notion of "rewarding yourself". for us, we get into gruelling marathon long days, with a long-term project deadline. the pace is unrelenting, and the light at the end of the tunnel is really far away. we either say "when i am done, i will reward myself" or you get little treats along the way. this is either buying something, a treat, a trinket, even a snack (cupcakes, anyone? heck, even a nap!)

it may not be the most logical way to deal with stress, but having something to look forward to can help with morale as long as you do it responsibly. this reward notion also applies to my husband and kids. when i am in this vacuum of long hauls, they are paying the price too, and sacrifice mommy time. i make it up to them, with not just gifts, but lots of time, hugs and kisses. this past weekend, that meant being in a museum full of what seemed to be thousands of screaming kids.

* do you use the reward rationalization? * p.s. *there is another sale at j. crew today - extra 30% off sale items using code OURTREAT*

outfit - jacket: zara, old; necklace: j crew, old, similar here on sale; dress: tory burch petula sheath, old, similar here on sale; shoes: holt renfrew 175th anniversary manolo blahnik magenta suede BB, similar here; sunglasses: tom ford, old 

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

saks' DVF stackable sale

do you do this? you say "i'm done" and enjoy the clothes you've edited for this season and move on. yeah, i laughed when i wrote that sentence too. we have the saks F&F to thank for this DVF link print new jeanne dress that is heading my way - seriously, the F&F sale code is stackable on top the 25% off DVF sale. use code FRNFAM2 for 20% on top of the 25% for DVF. use code RTNSAKS on top of that for free shipping/returns. i leave you with the shopping mantra when a good sale like this comes around: run, do not walk. :) will you get anything from the saks F&F?

this is a good time to stock up on dresses - either for work or the upcoming holidays. the delian lace dress that i wore, is on sale too (here) - i took my regular DVF dress size 2.

the izzy dress is cute, here and 179$ before the F&F

zarita is always a favourite, here, at 243$ before the F&F is applied. size up in this dress, as it is very form fitting.

the new cindy lace dress is stunning too (here)

and the ruri dress is a great cut (here)

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Friday, October 19, 2012

bright turquoise

this bright turquoise hacking jacket from j crew is my little unicorn. i instantly adored it but missed out because i thought that the colour would be too bright for work. then i waited until it was marked down "enough", which meant that by the time there was a big markdown, it was sold out in my size. you know it's serious when lamenting its loss has even made it here on the blog.

my dear bestie K, found this on ebay for me. it was new with tags and the buttons were still covered with tissue. she emailed me and when i did not respond quickly enough, she phoned me (i think she waited a whole 3 minutes). we snagged it for below retail which is incredible. i wore this outfit to work on one of our charity denim fridays and my colleague said "that blazer is so you", so i guess it was not too bright after all. timing j crew buys are tricky because they have many great sales, but next time, i'll trust my instincts, and get it while i still can. 

outfit - blazer: j crew, ebay - similar here in mint from current season; top: zara, old; jeans: gap sexy boyfriend jeans, here; shoes: valentino, here; necklace: christinaM, here; bracelet: glamour me jewels, here
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

acorns and a thank you

before i start today's post i wanted to send out a big big thank you from the bottom of my heart, to each one of you who reads this blog, and have followed this geeky canadian girl's adventures. it boggles my mind that we're now at over 210 followers, and so many readers. i am truly very grateful for your support. you are all amazing! thank you! merci!

so, back to the post! when a-thread reached out and asked me to review this woven peplum blouse, i was so humbled that they wanted my opinion. i had purchased the "all hail the green" statement necklace, worn here, and was happy to have found another retailer who ships to canada (whee!). the sizing guide was very accurate, and i am wearing the small which concords with the sizing guide. the blouse is really cute with an acorn print, and i was impressed that the inside is lined with a little mesh, so the front and back of the blouse will not have undergarment-related bumps. i really like details like that.

the other thing about a-thread that i admired when i first went to their site was that they have something called shop & effect. 5% of sales from a-thread go to a charity, and when you check out, you can choose where you'd like the portion of your purchase to go - with a choice among LA animal services, thirst relief, children of the night, or kiva. shopping and helping a good cause? sign me up please and thank you.  

outfit - blouse: thanks to a-thread, here also comes in maroon/orange, here; pants: banana republic, here or here; belt: club monaco, old; bracelets: chain and pave bracelet by glamour me jewels, here, and chunky gold bracelet by christinaM boutique, here; peter pan beaded necklace, here; shoes: zara, old

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