Monday, April 30, 2012

girly girl vs the dude

good morning everyone!! is it monday already? i wanted to thank the readers who provided their input yesterday on the gap maxi dress debacle (it was a resounding nay... and the dress is being dispatched back today).  it will be back to the drawing board,

for today's outfit, i decided to play around with the 3 piece suit (there are a lot of those at my other house, the office).

and just for fun, i stole hubby's tie and tried out the full dude-suited look. have you tried a menswear inspired look before? how did you work it?

(outfit - blouse: banana republic, old; vest: gap, here; pants: gap, reviewed here; blazer: zara, old, similar here; shoes: christian louboutin pigalle 100; necklace: j crew, old)

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

yay or nay: gap maxi dress

hi everyone - i was doing one of these humm and haws today as i pondered the fate of this gap t-shirt maxi dress. on the US site, they have it in the petite version. sadly the canadian e-comm site did not, so i took a chance when they had their 30% off sale and got the XS. it ended up being 45$ after the discount. 

i love the look of a maxi dress. however, i'm cognizant that: 1. my style hasn't been what you call bohemian; 2. i am petite and therefore, the risk with a maxi dress is that i may basically end up sweeping the floors with them so i am very reluctant to buy them online without a safety net of being able to return it. this is it, ladies and gents. i am indeed going to be cleaning people's floors with this dress for freeeeee if i keep it like this, or if i don't hem it. 

i do have to say that the jersey material is SO soft. and the colour is amazing. belted, i get the few inches cheat, but i can't say that this is the structured look i'm comfortable with.  thinking outside the box, though, is this something i could pull off? i'm still on the fence with this one. 

so, what do you think dear readers? yay or nay?

(outfit - dress: gap, here; belt: club monaco, old, similar here; shoes: tory burch thora sandals, old, but other colourways here or here; necklace: amrita singh, old)

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Friday, April 27, 2012

tgif. white.

TGIF everyone! i'm so excited today because in just a few hours, i am going to my son's school assembly. Kid 2.0 as i so affectionately call him (my oldest is kid 1.0) is 7 years old. today his class is hosting the assembly and he is one of the presenters. we've been practising his script for the past few weeks. "exclamation marks mean THIS! enun-ci-ate. speak clearly. project your voice."

i know he'll be relieved once this is done because it means mom won't nag as much. my husband is astonished that both of our boys aren't fearful of public speaking. they may take after mom. while i do feel nervous, it's not debilitating, and i think it's normal. i rather enjoy public speaking and i do it a lot in my professional life, and in my community volunteer work.

what about you? do you feel comfortable with public speaking?

i am really enjoying stacking bracelets - but know as well that my real life (and my proportions) don't allow me to go bananacrackers with stacks. there is an art to it, and i'm slowly learning how to do this. this chunky bracelet i just bought from ChristinaM boutique on etsy is just the right dose of fun yet work appropriate. i can picture stacking it more for when i go out, but pairing it with my watch is just enough fun for the office.

(outfit - blazer: zara, old, similar here; tshirt: joe fresh, old; jeans: j brand cigarette leg in ink; watch: michael kors; shoes: christian louboutin purple patent ron rons; bracelet: Christina M Boutique, etsy boutique here; necklace: j crew factory, similar here)

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Thursday, April 26, 2012


i'm going to let you know that i have "sparklies over-coddling syndrome" (or SOS.. yup.. i'm declaring a syndrome for babying things). my purse and shoe collection is without exception, the biggest focus of my SOS behaviour. 

when i get new clothes, i rip the tags off and wear them almost immediately. when i get a new purse or a pair of shoes, i gingerly open it, observe, ooh and ahh, put it in its box and require "the right conditions" before breaking them out. i have NO idea why i do that... likely because i think so long and hard before i invest in a purse or pricier shoes, that by the time i get them, i've hyped it up and i'm super careful with them. (my husband would laugh at the word "invest" being used with purses, but i really do believe that.. less so with shoes but we don't need to tell him that. this is my story, and i'm sticking to it!) the break-in period is shorter with shoes than purses. i do have to say that this blog is a perfect reason to rotate them out and show them more love!  

do you baby your things too?

wearing j. crew's no. 2 feather paisley pencil skirt. i got this in a 0, my regular crew sizing, but it is a bit big in the waist. not so much so i have to either get it taken in or send along to a friend given that it was a final sale, but enough to have noticed it moving around. it still works, but with this one, i feel like that old SNL skit of those sales people at the gap where they say "just cinch it with a belt!" and a belt it is!

blouse is joe fresh - a canadian brand, recently making its way through the US with success. this is a 100% silk blouse that i bought there for i think.. a whopping 39$. not on sale. seriously! well constructed as well. this is an XS.  i like joe fresh for its basic staples and that it is a great, inexpensive line - they make fun fun basics (not surprising because the man behind joe fresh was the co-founder of club monaco). the only thing i had to wrap my head around was that i was buying clothes where i buy my groceries. however, when i was in france, i remembered being there as a teenager going to "carrefour" with my cousins. they sell everything in one place too from food to clothes. i got over that mindset after finding a few really cute pieces for less than 20$. 

(outfit - blouse: joe fresh silk blouse; vest: club monaco, old; skirt: j crew no. 2 pencil skirt in feather paisley; shoes: valentino rockstuds; watch: michael kors)
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

petite fashion challenge #15: chic pin-spiration

this month's petite fashion challenge is based on the wildly popular pinterest, and hosted by lovely blogger long live classy (go to her blog to see the links to other bloggers' entries, here) the challenge is the following:

If you're an obsessed Pinterest user like me, you know that it's full of great outfit ideas. So this month's challenge is pretty simple, yet so fun! 

Chic Pin-spiration-- Find a pic of an outfit you love on Pinterest, and re-create it the best way possible! Be sure to post the pic of your outfit inspiration in your post as well!

when i go on pinterest (my pinterest ID is here) and pin something, it is usually something really pretty that caught my eye. i look for colours, prints, and styling that expands my imagination. some pins go in to the category of "editorially amazeballs, but realistically impossible" to "EEE! i could try this...i think...maybe..."

my entry for this challenge is based on this inspiring picture, which goes to tumblr, here. i love lace and stripes, so when i saw this outfit, it was really a styling i hadn't thought of before. lace over stripes, you say? very cool pinterest. very. cool. i was unable to pinpoint where this picture came from to source it.. a big pet peeve of mine is not being able to find the source of a pinterest picture because someone's work or product isn't getting the proper credit.

have you ever had a pin-spired outfit? i'd love to hear about it!

in terms of separates, i had the elements of the outfit with my existing wardrobe. i hope you enjoy my "chic pin-spiration"! thanks for the idea long live classy, this was a great challenge and i had a lot of fun!! (also, dear readers, don't forget to enter my dior nail polish blog giveaway here)

outfit - striped tee: joe fresh, old; crochet/lace top: zara; blazer: gap, old; jeans: seven for all mankind A pocket jeans; shoes: zara; belt: gap, old)

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Monday, April 23, 2012

tippi and gap slim cropped refined pants

good morning everyone - hope the weekend was fun! it was a cloudy gray few days for us, and there is now wet snow outside - it will gradually get warmer as the day goes by. these funky days are hard to dress for, so i wear my trusty trench and layer underneath. i have yet to find a trench coat that fits me just right. this one is long on me in the sleeves and bigger in the body, but it works for now.  our weather here is so rough, i wear my north face parka here more often than any coat. hope you all stay warm and dry today! xox

p.s. you'll probably notice that the blog address is now less of a mouthful.. i'm slowly making changes to make reading this blog easier, and the first one is that you can get here with just :)

wearing the gap's slim cropped refined pants (here and today in canada there is a 30% off sale - works on sale items too: use code 24HOURSCDA - which also works with banana republic and old navy), and j crew's tippi sweater in leopard (sold out online but here is the link for the item number). i got the tippi on the last batch of j crew's sale, and am tickled with it. it's a merino wool sweater, fine enough to layer under a blazer or put a blouse underneath, but also warm. the one i'm wearing is an XS. 

as you can see from the pants, they are a bit more relaxed in the leg than the black gap ones i wore before.  the material is also a bit thinner than the black ones but it is a nice fabric with a bit of stretch as well. the red is vibrant also, which makes it fun. the waist fits the same as gap/banana republic bottoms, and i took a  0 in these. 

(outfit - trench: banana republic, old; sweater: j crew, here; pants, gap, here; shoes: valentino; necklace: club monaco, old; watch: michael kors; scarf: michael kors; purse: chanel)
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

neon rainy day

i hope you are having a great weekend!! saturdays for the most part in our house a day to run errands and gear the house up for the week. grocery runs happen today, and my day of reckoning with laundry is on the weekend. i hate doing laundry but folding it is less painful. hubby and i also try to get some time to sit for coffee while our kids are in their class in the afternoon, so i see that as our little couple date time.

most of you know that i have a rule that my wardrobe has to be office-friendly. however, weekend mom gear is also something i get to have fun with. it's a time for me to try out the trendier things and will often find these at lower price points at the gap, forever 21, j crew, joe fresh, to name but a few. i am seriously seriously girl crushing over yellow and orange this season. neon... ohhh don't get me started! 

i found this fun neon colourblock sweater on the gap website (on sale right now for 38.99$ cdn, here) there was an extra 30% off code so i got it for a whopping 25$ plus tax. it let me get my neon fix, and when it goes out of style, i won't be disappointed having spent so much on it. i would wear it with white jeans like the model if it would just stop raining here already.. 

the matchstick denim is from j crew factory - it is currently sold out but the sizing is the same as my white matchstick jeans from j crew proper (white matchsticks here and here in cropped with a 26 inch inseam). the fantastic thing about some of j crew's denim is that they come in "short" sizes - with a 31 inch inseam which means i'm lopping off about 2 inches less than the regular which has a 33 inch inseam. i took a 25S in the white pair, and a 25 in this distressed version. the factory jeans don't come in a "short" option, so i'll just have to hem them. 

outfit - sweater gap colourblock, here another awesome combo here on sale for 29$; shirt: j crew, old; jeans: j crew factory matchstick distressed jeans, similar here or here; rainboots: burberry, old, similar here or here at the bay with FS over 99$; coat: gap, old, similar here at F21, and here on sale at asos; bag: louis vuitton neverfull MM)

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

DVF graphic clouds ibiza cardigan

diane von furstenberg has some of the most amazing prints. this one is the graphic clouds print and i adored it when it came out in the new jeanne wrap dress. the blue in the wrap dress was more of a baby blue, which would have washed me out. so i resigned myself to the fact that it would just be a print i'd admire. i then learned that the ibiza cardigan print had a darker hue, and then started stalking it with my bestie.. (of course.. shopping stalking must be done in pairs.) 

we found this lovely one on the dvf site and on sale too boot! in terms of sizing, dvf does make a petite/xs size - it does have a bit of give, and is made of 85% silk & 15% cashmere. i take a P in the ibiza cardigan. 

(outfit - blouse: banana republic, old; cardigan: diane von furstenberg ibiza in graphic clouds. more ibiza cardigans on sale here. other graphic clouds DVF, in the reina or ashley jumper; skirt: banana republic lightweight wool pencil skirt, here; shoes: christian louboutin clichy; bag: christian dior large lady dior; necklace: j crew factory, get it here with an extra 30% off code MUSTHAVE)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

schoolboy blazer

good morning!! i woke up today to so many lovely messages from people around the world - it is so exciting to meet so many wonderful readers. *waves hello*  i also am thrilled to announce the safe arrival of my little nephew, who arrived a wee bit early. so happy for my sister!!! ::happy dances::

this outfit is inspired by my bestie, who recently wore a reverse outfit with red pants, and a navy top. i have always wanted a red blazer, and this schoolboy blazer was just the ticket (buy it here with the jcrew extra 30% off sale MUSTHAVE, perfection!) for sizing, the shape of the schoolboy is boxier but still quite fitted. the length of the arms works perfectly for me. there is space in the front, but if i sized down, it would be tiiiiight in the arms and bust. this lets me layer comfortably. i took a 0, but if i had to get a petite, i would have gone with a 2P.

wearing it closed for sizing reference:

if you haven't already entered, don't forget about the blog Dior polish giveaway!

(outfit - top: j crew colourblock striped boat neck tee with neon pink, sold out but here is the item code here; blazer: schoolboy blazer in maraschino cherry; pants: j crew; shoes: christian louboutin tiger patent decollete)
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First. Ever. Blog. Giveaway!!!

i am SO excited to announce my first blog giveaway! wheeee! this is a spring inspired giveaway to thank you for supporting my blog.  as you know, blogging allows me to use the other part of my brain that is more artistic and creative. when i first started it, i figured a few people would see it but the support since i've devoted more time to it in march has been overwhelming.

it is so great to have you come to visit, view pictures/reviews, and of course leaving comments! i appreciate it so much!

as a token of my appreciation, i am giving away a beautiful brand spanking new bottle of Dior Saint-Tropez vernis nail laquer (#401)! this stunning colour was released in 2011 when the Dior boutique in Saint-Tropez opened. of course, was a limited edition colour and quickly flew off the shelves. this spring/summer, Dior has re-released it and judging by its popularity, will likely quickly sell out too. so, here is your chance to get the elusive Saint-Tropez for yourself! An amazing turquoise/teal, in keeping with the colous of the Mediterranean.

How to Enter

1. please follow this blog (there is a column on the right hand side of the blog and "follow" to join this site) - or on facebook, here. if you already follow, you can skip this step! i'm hoping to reach 100 followers.

2. please follow me on Bloglovin by going to this link; and,

3.put in a comment under this post confirming you've done this, say hi and let me know where you're from. i would love to get to know you better!!

4. each person gets one entry - the giveaway is open to all readers: Canada, US, & international!

there will be a draw on Friday May 11th and i will announce the winner then.

spread the word! this is a gorgeous nail polish!

good luck! xox P

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canuck news: club monaco now has online shopping for us!

good news - the club monaco e-commerce site is now accessible to canadians (dear club monaco.. you are tardy to the party, but we forgive you!) 

when the online shopping site launched earlier a few weeks ago, it was accessible only to the US.  now, canadians are able to order online! free shipping for purchases over 150$ and 8$ flat rate otherwise. right now, there is a promo: free shipping and free returns.

the site is user friendly (i'm not going to start with the price difference, i'm happy we have access to another retailer that makes quality clothing and consistently stylish finds).. now if other US retailers could just follow suit.. ann taylor, zara, h&m... sighs.

some pretties to look at from the club monaco website - these are definitely going to be inspirations for my work wardrobe. have you picked out any pieces from the collection that you like? what do you think of this season at club monaco?

the adair shirtdress, here - i have one from last season that is olive. it is one of the most versatile dresses.

kari cashmere sweater, here - whether you get the sweater or not, this look is simply adorable:

brooklyn blazer, here - another chic look:

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