Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Save my Feet - Quest for Flats: Part 2 - Pretty Ballerinas

installment 2 of the quest for flats- i discovered pretty ballerinas. it was a cute flat, and relatively not expensive, so i took a chance. hands down, these are one of the most comfortable flats i own. i wore the shirley flat almost every day when i was walking all over the place in paris.

from the website, pretty ballerinas is a company owned by the MASCARĂ“ family, who "has been a manufacturer of fine footwear and ballerina shoes for four generations and in 2008, the company celebrated its 90th anniversary". the flats are made in spain, and are made of soft buttery leather. they are very well made and my feet don't hurt after a long day walking about.

in canada, they have a storefront in montreal and are also sold at david's in toronto. internationally, you can shop online on their websitethis summer, i bought a pair of the marilyn flats with an adorable flower detail in the front. it was well worth it and i know i will wear them often. 

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Save my Feet - Quest for Flats: Part 1 - Tory Burch

i have a confession to make. i have weird feet. they are narrow and long. and the toes are long too, to boot. blah. i love wearing flats on weekends, and in an attempt to save my feet, when i travel from the office to the car, and vice versa, i change out of my heels into flats. i've tried it all. cheap flats, expensive flats. it's just such a saga. plus most of these are done online, so add the hassle of returns on top of it. no bueno.

this post is dedicated to flats for weird feet. LOL. starting with Tory Burch flats. firstly, i find all Tory Burch flats consistent in sizing. I'm a 7.5 US. The 7.5 are perfect. so to start.. everyone knows the Reva - iconic, sassy and so freaking adorable. unfortunately, the cut is just so wrong for me, i am in agony after 30 minutes' wear. it doesn't matter if they're stretched out or not. just. no. the flats cut right at the side of my foot (that place where bunions live) and deliciously digs right into the side bone. the back elastic was not my friend either. my adventures in Revas were short-lived. the Aaden is a good alternative for me.

it was bliss when i found the Eddie. this is a great cut, and inside, it is smooshy. very comfortable. i have the purple leather version and am loving the sparkley version for this season - the Metallic Eddie Flat with Crystal bow (get it here - or for canadians, here - here is the regular Eddie on sale at shopbop)

it's a flat. it has a bow. and it sparkles. trifecta of doom for me. i'm done. i also recently bought the Reese flats from the Net-a-Porter sale, and they are also a keeper for me. they have these cute tassels in the front. so charming. do you have a favourite Tory Burch flats style? next in reviews - pretty ballerinas.

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