Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chanel le vernis nailpolish review - Rouge Carat

I am a sucker for Chanel nailpolish - and I finally figured out why. The metallics. Chanel does a great metallic, and a great red. For the 2011 holidays, we have Rouge Carat - and I was instantly drawn to it. Love the Louis Vuitton vernis pomme d'amour?

love the Christian Louboutin rouge patent? Then you will love this nail polish.

Shoes: Christian Louboutin Buenos Aires Mary Janes in Rouge Patent

the consistency is fabulous - went on opaque with 1 coat. this is a picture of 2 coats with essie topcoat. this is such a fun red and multi-dimensional metallic. a totally justifiable holiday splurge. for my fellow canadian shoppers, i found these at the Bay, at the chanel counter.

what do you think? yay or nay?
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanksgiving - black friday - sales - oh my!

i hope all my american friends are enjoying their thanksgiving long weekend. to the rest of us - let's take advantage of these sales!! has an extra 30% off sale - free shipping with purchases over 250
saks and neimans started their sales has an 85% off sale has 40% off boots and amazing markdowns on electronics has 25% off and free shipping. is a whopping 40% off everything.
there is also a 50% off sale at

GAH! so many sales, so little time!! brain explodes with sales goodness!

i've been absent from blogging due to work - pesky work.. lol. last year for my birthday, i was introduced to the world of orange and Hermès with a beautiful black clic H bracelet. this year, i welcomed another black with gold hardware piece to join her - a kelly stretch. this is my one of my favourite colour  combinations, and these two pieces are quintessential Hermès - the constance H and the Kelly clasp. total love.

hope you score well during sale season!!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

J Crew Origami

one of the reasons i love jcrew is not only the wonderful styles that are just really really elegant, but the colours! oh, the gorgeous colours. nobody does a purple or a fuschia (dahlia) quite like the crew.  when the origami dress came out a year ago, i pined over it until it sold out.  i've learned with j crew, if it is something that's popular, it sells out fast, even at full price. you snooze you lose, baby.

this season, the origami dress came in a wool crepe and a wider variety of colours. last year, i had my eye out on the dark red heather wool. it looked like a dark burgundy. this season's red is totally different. the pictures don't quite capture the red of it. with a flash, it looks like a true red, but it isn't.. i wouldn't use lipstick red or a true red to describe it. i'd say it's more orangey red.

the fit of the dress is pretty good.  a typical j crew dress for me is a 0P but this dress didn't come in a petite. i took a 0 in it - the hem is not too long.  it stops just at the knees, which makes it work appropriate. the wool crepe did wrinkle a bit (i guess a few hours at a sit down dinner will do that to ya) but the material held up really well for the rest of the evening. is it weird that after i stood up for a while, it seemed to straighten up? the top shoulder did move a bit, but i'll either get it taken in by my seamstress or pin the bra strap to the inside of the dress! LOL.

for an evening out, i paired it with glitter, gold and sparkles.

shoes: louboutin black mini-glitter numero prive; purse: chanel; bracelet: hermes

i've now started experimenting with stacked bracelets too. this was a fun gold and gunmetal gray combination.

no need to break the bank for sparkles. get similar at aldo accessories herehere, or forever 21 here or here
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall means sweaters

some of my friends in the US had a freakish snowstorm this weekend. i just means winter is right around the corner. sooooo not looking forward to digging out the snow pants and parkas. this past weekend was gloriously sunny and beautiful. i hope you took full advantage of it. 

boots are a huge challenge for me and my chicken legs. these Timberland boots have a bit of room in the calf area, but not too much so as to look like i'm playing dress-up.  i got them from (yay for free shipping to Canada!)

sweater: zara; cargos: blank denim; boots: Timberland

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