Friday, October 28, 2011

Mom Outfit of the Day - Gingham and Paige Jeans

today is one of the very few days off of work and i'm running around screaming: FREEEEEDOOOOM!! ::arms flailing::

we went to the kids' school to watch their monthly assembly. our eldest was a co-emcee. so proud of the little one. i relish the days i can wear jeans. even though on fridays, it is a charity jeans day, i dress it up with heels and such. but any day you can wear jeans is a great day.

those who know me also know there isn't a cardigan i won't wear. j crew fits the bill. this is the jackie cardigan that i could have in each and every colour of the rainbow.

cardi: j crew; jeans: paige denim canyon bootcut (get it here; or here with free shipping to canada); shoes: chuck taylor converse (get it here or here)

after mommy duties, we went to sit down for coffee, conversation, and a few calories. this was my first try at a gluten and soy free brownie. it tasted really good!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

DVF - Ingrid

DVF this season has really brought out the big guns. when my friend, I sent me a picture of the Ingrid dress in the Winged Dark print, it took me a while to convince myself i could pull off this print. luckily, in consultation with my friend K, i got over it quickly! my girls keep me clothed!!

the colours are simply spectacular, and the print both retro and modern.

this dress is a straight sheath, in georgette silk. on my 5 ft 3 frame, it hits just above the knees, so no hemming will be required!! ::happy dances::

you can get the dress at at the DVF e-comm website, and matches, another colourway at saks!

paired with a pair of black tights, and Louboutins! the style i'm wearing is called the Wallis, which is a mary jane style on a Simple shoe last.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Louboutin: the Classic Little Black Shoe

can a girl have too many black patent pumps? no i say!!!! (we need not explain our addictions, we just need to be accepted for them).

one often posted Louboutin question has been "i need a classic pair of pumps and i don't know which to get" or "which one of the Louboutin pumps is the most comfortable"

there are so many styles to choose from, but is a pump just another pump? actually, the answer is pretty much no, in my opinion. Louboutin makes closed toed (without platform) pumps in many styles - Simple, Ron Ron, Décolleté, Clichy. how do you pick just one!?

left to right - black Simple 85 mm heel; black Ron Ron 100 mm heel; black Clichy 100 mm heel

it may be repetive, okay.. but they each serve different purposes, i swear! the Simple 85 is by far the most comfortable. as you can see by the pitch, it is the "flattest" one of the 3. i can wear this shoe for a whole day, walking around for 6 hours without any problems.

the Ron Ron is sesssssssy, but the pitch more unforgiving, so this shoe is for me, a "3 hour" reception heel. the Clichy is slightly more elongated and i wear this when i want the sleeker look of a 100 mm heel instead of a practical 85 mm.

there are also differences in the toebox (length and width) for each pair. the toebox in addition to the pitch of the shoe, also dictates how comfortable the shoe will be.

left to right: Clichy, Ron Ron, and Simple

So, ladies, what is your "go to" classic pump?
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall: J Crew Minnie Pants

Fall is in the air! We went to walk in the woods (a whole hour and a half). In the lore of J. Crew, the minnie pant has a very special place as the "ultimate" pant/legging. I ordered them when they went on sale (P + sale = happy times) and researched the internet to figure out sizing. I'm generally a 0 in J Crew bottoms, or a 2P, but in these i went down to a 00P based on a number of reviews. It fits well around the waist, and does stretch with wear as you go along in the day. I also wanted something cropped, to make it easy to wear flats, and boots, if necessary.

blazer: zara ; pants: j crew; flats: bloch

tucked into boots, the minnies are perfect. they keep their lines and are not bulky.

boots: burberry; watch: michael kors

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Friday, October 7, 2011

dvf - the wrap dress

a challenge for the in-between petite (sometimes too tall for petite lengths, but too short for regular lengths) is a dress that doesn't cut too long making you matronly, or requiring so much hemming you shouldn't even bother getting it.

my bestie I introduced me to diane von furstenberg two years ago.. and what a great ride that's been!! the ride involved a) learning that a print is not the enemy and b) colour is a good thing.

dvf quickly became another addiction i added to my roster. (not that i mind.. *insert evil cackling here*) dvf dresses are so beautifully made, and her cuts are really so flattering. a bonus: her dresses require no hemming for me. i was instantly hooked.

(dress: DVF bec dress ; shoes: christian louboutin)

(dress: dvf jori in grape ; shoes: christian louboutin)

the wrap dresses require no fuss and are a perfect length - perfectly suitable for work.

(dress: dvf julian wrap ; shoes: christian louboutin)
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