Sunday, September 4, 2011

Change room Chronicles - Banana Republic

today i went to the local Banana Republic looking for fall staples.

this weekend's discount codes: site (BRCGET30 for 30% off your purchase) site (BRCGET35 for 35% off.. don't get the discrepancy but meh..)

the Mad Men lace shell was a bit too glimmery for my purposes. it is really cute, but too dressy for work. today, i found the lace overlay shell and thought it would work really nicely. it was a regular 0 and was longer than the Mad Men version, which looked short from other petite bloggers' reviews as well.

with the instore coupon they were giving today, i got 30% off this top. it will work nicely with suits but even in the white jeans i had on, it really cute and really wanted to leave the store and come home with me.

i tried the grey lightweight wool sheath for some suiting options. the 0P was a good fit - the upper part of regular sizing causes me the most problems, but this fit me well from the shoulders, torso, and the chest area. it was still long on me, falling just past the knees. the regular 0 was too roomy and too billowy.

for 185$, this is a pretty reasonably priced dress (especially after you take 30% off). they didn't have the matching suiting blazer my size in the store, or it could have been a serious grey suit contender. i will think about this more over the weekend to see if i will get it.

the next was a ruffly polka dot blouse - it was a XSP and i wore a fitted tank underneath it. underwhelming is an understatement. it was very boxy and unflattering. the material was also very thin. definite pass.

this also came in a yellow colourway which is cuter in colour, but they didn't have my size to try on in the store, so i tried the gray. zzzzzzzz.. sorry BR!

finally, i looked at the Mad Men begonia print dress in a 0. it again suffered the same issues. too big and long up top, and it hung from the excess material. if you got this instead of petite, a few inches taken from the shoulders to hike up the dress would work.

there is a petite option but sorry canucks, the petite option is only available on the site. you can go there and have it shipped to canada for an extra fee though (plus duties and taxes)

also wearing chanel's peridot nailpolish. it is really cool and a total chameleon. fabulous colour.
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Louboutin.. not Loubitawn

pet peeve - when you go after my addiction, Christian Louboutin and butcher the name (i'm looking at you J. Lo). i made this video on how to pronounce certain words in french, including Monsieur Louboutin's name, and some classic styles and posted for fun on youtube - it was then posted on Lainey's blog (zoiks! how cool is that!)

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Review : Banana Republic Mad Men Pencil Skirt

i totally adore the Mad Men look. mind you, i am perfectly aware that the Mad Men inspired look can end up looking pretty frumpy if you style it wrong.

i'm still waiting for one of the dresses to arrive in the mail (yay canada! O_O) but got this pencil skirt from the store. i got it in a 0 regular. i'm "technically" a petite, at 5 ft 3 and around 108 pounds but i sometimes find the petite skirts too short. the look i was trying to achieve worked well with the 0.

the waist sits high on me, but i like it that way. the length hits right at the knees, which makes it demure enough to get into the Mad Men theme. i found this skirt to have a nice texture - definite keeper. didn't go for the matching blazer, because there, the regular was too big and bulky for my frame.

Top: Asos; belt : Tommy Hilfiger; shoes: Christian Louboutin
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