Monday, August 22, 2011

anatomy of an outfit - the little white dress

it was my 10th wedding anniversary date night over the weekend, and i was trying to make it more special than a regular date night (going to a dinner, then the movies, and wearing jeans)

the plan was really to wear something i already own, but this outfit just seemed to evolve. i was out shopping with my mom and my brother's awesome girlfriend and we randomly went into BCBG. that store is really hit and miss for me, so i wasn't expecting to find anything. then i saw the aveline embroidered appliqué shift dress with cap sleeves. the little white dress (LWD) is quickly taking over, and moving from trendy piece to wardrobe staple, alongside the LBD. i saw it and it was done. (the sale was also a great motivator)

half the fun is finding the dress. the other is to style it. my friends and i had fun with this one. my friend C suggested my '05 red chanel east/west paired with my red eel Louboutin pigalles. deelish, no?

a red and white combo is a wonderful pairing. i have quite a bit of shoes to choose from (insert evil laughter..) and my friend K suggested my Louboutin rose indien yoyos with a neutral/nude clutch (also deelish!) girly C also chimed in with other suggestions. i have such stylish friends.

in the end, i went downstairs and my husband loved the dress (hurray!) he's also quite happenin' and came up with what i wore that night. my Louboutin black patent numéro privé and black patent large Lady Dior (his favourite of the collection)

the dress is a fitted sheath, and quite form fitting. i ended up with the 0, which is my usual j. crew, ann taylor and banana republic size for dresses. my usual worry is a dress being too long but the length is perfect. the next test was how well it would stand for an evening out and about - given the appliqués floating about. it did really well!

we had a great time out, and enjoyed wonderful company with friends and family who have been with us along this great ride. can't wait for the next 10 years.

Dress: BCBG; purse: Dior; shoes: Christian Louboutin Numero Prive

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

outside stuff

my boys (big and small) love to go on their bikes and they regularly go out biking. we decided it was high time to get me my very own bike (that or mommy gets left behind..). this was quite a challenge, let me tell you. this was going to be my first bike since.. oh i don't know.. grade 6? although i live in one of the top cities in the world for cycling, i'm not a hardcore biker by any means. so, i didn't want to spend too much money on something that i'd take to tour around with the family.

with this mission in mind, i asked two of my favourite people for their advice. these ladies are are so knowledgeable about bikes, their advice was invaluable (thanks Leona and Michelle!). the same brands were recommended by both as reputable good solid bikes: trek and specialized. though for a "first bike" they were outside my budget price point, if i upgrade at any point, i have my eyes on these bad boys. brand names aside, they gave me fantastic advice on what to look for.

my friends' bike advice :

1. there's always something to fit your budget. before going into a bike shop, you should have figured out the following: a) budget; b) where you want to go with this bike; and c) what features are important to you. that will help them figure out what is best for your objectives (commuting, mountain biking, etc.) we figured out i was destined for a hybrid.

2. fit is one of the most important things, especially when you're on the short side, it can be hard to find.  there are "women specific designs" or "WSD", designed for a woman's body is, and a proportionately smaller frame that fits it.  my friends tells me however, that you are not limited to a WSD. you can buy smaller unisex bikes too (that's what i ended up with). the key is having someone who knows how to fit a woman to a bike.

3. you want to make sure you buy a bike that can be repaired, so don't go to the local department store/hardware store to get just any bike. service and maintenance is important to keep a bike around for years.

4. most importantly, test drive it. you won't know what it will feel like for long hauls if you don't drive it around, even if you're just doing circles in a parking lot.  when i tested mine, the owner of the bike shop told me how far i should be leaning, how my leg should look like when it's on the pedal, to ensure comfort. his opinions were really helpful too.

what i ended up with:

a diamondback microlite. it suited my objectives and my budget. this was a sale find (50% off!!) and has a really great light frame. best of all.. it was probably one of 2 bikes in the entire city that fit me. LOL. can't wait to discover all the bike trails around the city.

last but not least.. do not forget to wear a helmet!! protect your noggin'! there are cute ones out there.. so no excuses.

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