Friday, July 29, 2011

phiphi's re-invention : redux

in november 2010, hubby and i decided that we were tired of being tired, and undertook a new lifestyle change. we started working out and chose P90X after a very good friend of mine recommended it. fast forward to today.. first.. i'm totally astonished we FINALLY finished something! we've lost weight, gained muscles in places where i didn't think muscles existed, and finally felt fit.

hubby is now down 4 pant sizes and leaned out. mr. mcmuscles (i say that with love) is going to be in the 2012 firefighter calendar and just completed his photoshoot. he's moved onto beachbody's "insanity" program and after watching him do it, i'm glad i didn't do it. LOL. and me? i leaned out too and lost 10 pounds. however, my goal was to get toned, not muscular. 

so, how did the re-invention happen? we had to change a lot about our eating habits, because you can excercise your face off, but if you don't eat well, you negate every gain you make. 

what we changed - there is no secret sauce!

1. i had a bad soda a day habit. while yummy in my tummy, it was a whopping 46 grams of sugar per can and empty calories. replaced with water. alotta water. i also removed sugar from my coffee and now take it only with non-fat milk.

2. no more processed foods. if it is in a can, contains powders you wet up to cook it, used to be something else in a previous life, we try to avoid eating it. we also switched to whole grains.

3. bye bye fried foods. mind you, we still indulge in my favourite poutine from time to time, but not every friday. and not a family size shared among 4.

4. fruits and veggies galore! reach for these or a handful of trail mix when snacking instead of chips and candy.

5. stop over-eating. we had to re-train ourselves to stop stuffing ourselves. once you feel full, stop. we changed our portion sizes as a function of helping this along too.

this doesn't mean we don't have a nice piece of cupcake or some chips (my weaknesses) sometimes, but it's all about moderation.

what's next?

the first step for me towards my maintenance objectives is to start doing more sports. yes.. as in outside. for those who know me and my philosophy on not getting dirty, this is a huge thing. my mission is to find a bicycle that fits my 5 ft 3 frame; that is good for the bike paths and trails in our city; and, won't cost me an arm and a leg. this should be interesting.
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