Thursday, December 11, 2014

a holiday outfit with style grove

hi everyone! i'm hoping you're getting all ramped up for the holidays with parties and festivities galore. many of my holiday outfits are full of sparkle and colour, but red is always a beautiful party look regardless of the time of the year. for christmas, though, it is just so festive and fun. this skirt is a great piece from style grove, a canadian e-comm site that ships free to the US and in canada. the skirt comes in only one size, but the product description is true: there is stretch to the material so there is a fair bit of give to the skirt. 

i took an old zara lace top that i've worn quite often. i have found this piece to be so versatile, as it takes on new personalities depending on the colour layered underneath it. i love the valentino vibe when it is paired with this gorgeous valentine red skirt. the leopard? well, why go with black when you can use leopard!! let me know in the comments below: what's your favourite holiday look? joining tara and alice's link ups today.

outfit - top: zara, old. similar herehere. skirt: thanks to style grove and our dog is wearing a gap sweater that i found while writing about the christmas gift guides. had to get it. it was just too cute. shoes: j crew etta, this season's version is the stella here. similar here, here, here.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

reviewing online gift guides

well, 'tis the season my fair readers! you should be getting a barrage of christmas gift guides, and although i am quite used them, i wondered "what if my husband were to go to the j crew gift guide... would he be actually able to get me something okay? would he get the guidance he needs without calling my sisters or best friends?" let's take a look, shall we?

in this corner, we have the gap "perfect gifts" coming in at 114 items with a range of scarves, mittens, and sweaters. they seem harmless enough (aka safe) and i'd be okay with whatever was on this page (i won't say no to these flannel pj pants) however, i have to say that this holiday stripe dog sweater is ridiculously adorable. it is still a safe page, though so a gift from this gift guide won't necessarily knock your socks off. 

j crew's holiday gift guide for her is almost overwhelming, and if i know my husband, his eyes will start to glaze over after 3 mouse scrolls. that's not a good thing, says the woman whose gift is intended to be found on this page. it also has gifs throughout the page with models walking back and forth. i know they're trying to be cool, but it is really distracting. my husband would give this page 2 minutes and give up. it tries to make things easier organizing things by colour theme, but it's too busy. he'd miss out on this adorable union suit! the selection is intense, but the distraction of the page is a negative.

ann taylor's gift guide is divided into categories, so the hubster will have to determine what he'd like to get in general or he'll have to go back and forth. it's no big deal, because at least he can parse down what he thinks he'd like to get. hey honey! isn't this an amazing jewel neck sweater? the site is user friendly guide for categories but once you pick it, you go to the entire selection which can go up to 100 pages. even i won't surf through 100 pages! it isn't the best gift guide. (i still want this sweater though.)

the bay's holiday shop is organized in the same way as ann taylor's site, except it is divided for her, for him, the home, etc. the "for her" section has 50 items, for which i congratulate the bay for their restraint. with a site like theirs, i'm sure they could have easily gone the over one miiiiillion items. this kate spade mini bow bangle is a great bet. this page is good for its simplicity and ease of navigation. if you decide the selection is not enough, the rest of the site is quite user friendly.

nordstrom's gift guide for women packs in 22 pages of selection. it has everything from clothing of all sorts, accessories, bags, shoes, boots, makeup, pj's. we just need the kitchen sink! another overwhelming page, which means unfortunately, either hubby sorts through using "price low to high" and i end up with socks or i end up with a gift certificate. guys, a dior limited edition brush set is always a great gift!

well, i hope you enjoyed this review! let me know if you have other gift guides you like to refer to - or have referred others to! :)

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

tweed and cobalt

aah, the whims of women and their hair. i went really short about a year ago, and am growing out the length. it would be more fun if i could dye my hair in a fun colour, or do ombre. alas, i am limited that way as the maintenance and upkeep would be too much. after a few weeks, i'd look pretty unkempt. bangs are as wild as i go, and then curse the decision when those have to grow out! joining Tara and Alice with their link ups today. 

outfit - top: joe fresh melange tee, here. similar herehere. blouse: joe fresh. pants: target - mossimo ankle pant, here. shoes: manolo blahnik bb pumps. similar here, here. necklace, j. crew. similar here, here.
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