Thursday, September 11, 2014

photofloral layered

i started to put away our summer sandals and flip flops. then, changed my mind and left them out. it's like some weird embedded programming. am i cleaning because i have a day off and want to try to get organized or is it because september 1 marks a transition to fall? the transition is getting shorter and shorter though.  i was in winners a few weekends ago (the canadian version of marshall's) and stared at a hallowe'en display that made it to my instagram account, marking my displeasure at season creep. i love fall, but i'm not ready for it yet! :)

joining tara's what i wore to work link up

outfit - shirt: banana republic, here. dress: j crew photofloral dress. similar here, here, here, here.  shoes: stuart weitzman capsize heel, similar herehere.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

rose de compas shawl

as the kids start getting older, i am finding it funny when we interact and they know particular things from a fashion or styling perspective. i guess they pick up things when i don't expect it. they know what a wedge shoe is, what a skinny jean is, and most recently, pointing out the september edition of magazines like vogue and instyle at the store. my husband can only shake his head at me but i like to think of it as training for the future! 

outfit - shirt: j. crew keeper chambray shirt, here. jeans: gap. similar here, here. ankle boots: j. crew, old. similar herehere, here, here. shawl: hermes rose de compas. similar here, here.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

navy and white

i'm not a stickler for much, but one thing that really, really annoys me is how white fabric turns yellow with time. i had a few blazers that i had to replace this summer because they became a lovely shade of beigey yellow. i'm almost at the point of putting away my summer whites. the weather has fall in the air, and it is much crisper and cooler. wool is going to make a reappearance sooner rather than later.

outfit - blazer: banana republic. similar here, here. dress: j . crew, old. similar here, here. shoes: aquazzura sexy thing booties. i got mine at also, here, here. similar herehere, here.

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